Message from our Founder, Quan P. :

BLACKAMAZING, launched in April 2016, is a PR, branding and marketing agency for independent brands and businesses. Before launching this platform, I noticed that businesses were struggling for visibility. The majority of black news and media sources focused on pop culture, entertainment and political news but did not report positive news as much as they did for “hot topics” and celebrity gossip.

I grew up admiring the people in my community that were doing incredible things like neighbors, parents, teachers, organizers and business owners. I wondered why media sources did not cover this, so I launched a platform with a mission to highlight changemakers in communities around the world.

The first problem that BLACKAMAZING solves is that it is “Making Positivity Popular” and exposing audiences to diverse black representation.

As a PR and marketing resource that combines news and media, brand and business owners no longer have to struggle for visibility.

This platform was created to amplify their stories so that consumers are able to identify with them on a personal level. It also makes it easier for consumers to find a variety of products and services.

After its official launch, BLACKAMAZING has gained support from audiences in countries like Nigeria (our largest audience abroad), South Africa, Brazil, France and the UK. This proves that there are brands and businesses all over the world that want to be heard and seen, and now have a place to call home. It is also creating a community for professionals from all over the world to connect on an ongoing basis.

BLACKAMAZING to me is everything. It’s what fuels you to keep going when the world is telling you that you aren’t enough. It’s what inspires you and empowers you. – Quan P. (Founder of BLACKAMAZING)


BLACKAMAZING: "Making Positivity Popular"

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