20 Years Apart, Long-Lost Brothers Discover That They Attend the Same University, Study Same Major

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Two long-lost brothers have reunited after discovering that they’ve been attending the same university the whole time.

Kieron Graham was three months old when he was adopted by Tim and Sarah Graham. “At the time I felt like I could not give him what he needed” explained Shawn Ghant, who made the difficult decision to give up Kieron, the youngest, for adoption.

Growing up, Kieron felt like he was missing a part of him and always wondered about his biological mother and brother.

His adoptive mother gave him a DNA test kit for to help him find the answers to all of his questions.

After completing the test, Kieron’s number one match was Vincent Ghant, who is also a student at Kennesaw State University and even has the same major as him (political science).

Kieron then reached out to Vincent on Facebook, writing, “This is going to sound so wild…but I think you’re my brother” (as noted by ABC).

Vincent, who remembers spending time with Kieron as little kids before they were separated, replied “OMG Yes! You’re my brother.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Vincent said that he was in disbelief.

“It was a very surreal moment. As the conversation progressed, it finally hit me — this is really my brother. And it was amazing.”

He recalled the memories of Kieron as a baby: “My vivid memory is seeing a baby smile for the first time. It was his smile — my brother.”

Kieron photographed with his brother Vincent and niece.

“More memories that I have was helping my mom take care of him, because was a single parent at the time and we didn’t have much support. So I remember making bottles, helping my mom change the diapers [and] playing with him a lot” he added.

Now reunited, it turns out that the brothers have a lot in common. “Watching the Falcons game with my biological brother for the first time. Every little thing is cool” tweeted Kieron.

20 Years Apart, Long-Lost Brothers Discover That They Attend the Same University, Study Same Major
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