Momo Pixel Debuts ‘Hair Nah’ Video Game: “I Got Tired of Women Putting Their Hands in My Hair”

Momo Pixel Hair Nah

Has someone ever touched your hair without permission or reached for it before you stopped them?

Momo Pixel turned her experiences into a video game called ‘Hair Nah’ and said “I got tired of women putting their hands in my hair.”

She is a 27 year old art director at Wieden+Kennedy (advertising agency) that currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

Since its debut, the video game has received positive responses from women that have been in similar, uncomfortable situations. Shonda Rhimes tweeted that it is “the game we all needed.”

Momo Pixel Hair Nah

Momo Pixel is clear about the inspiration behind it: “I made a game for black women because I’m a black woman. If you wanna make a game to represent yourself…GO DO IT!”

In less than a week the game reached over 70,000 plays and Momo Pixel announced on twitter that it will be turned into an app.

It also appears that she spoke her own success into existence just weeks before releasing Hair Nah.

Momo Pixel Hair Nah

“Before it happens, I want yall to know my glo’ up is about to be real…watch what happens next month” she tweeted.

“I like being different. and I don’t want to fit in. I want to make things that I like and others like me dig…Shout out to those who make their own way.”

Momo Pixel Hair Nah

Check out Hair Nah and let us know what you think!

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