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Remy Ma on the Glamorization of Drugs in Music: “I Don’t Think That’s Cool”

Remy Ma is gearing up for the release of her new album “7 Winters, 6 Summers” and recently dropped a single titled ‘Wake Me Up’ featuring Lil Kim.

In an interview on The Breakfast Club, Remy Ma says there’s one thing that you’ll never hear her rap about:

“I’m never gonna promote something that I just don’t believe in…There’s a whole big epidemic with kids…[young] people and even some of the older people that really should know better…Pills and stuff like that — it’s crazy.

You’ll never hear me in a song talking about i’m poppin’ this…That’s not what [I do]. I don’t think that’s cool.”

She recalls an eye-opening experience at the emergency room: “You know how the pediatric section used to be a bunch of sick babies? Now you go over there and it’s a bunch of teenagers tryna’ recover from OD’ing on pills. It’s crazy.

On speaking out: “Nobody says anything about it. When you say something it’s like, ‘oh you a hater.’ I’m not hating. I’m hating on you because you wanna do drugs? Nah. I’m hating on you because I see what it’s doing to kids and people that’s around me that I know [and] in my family.”

On the music scene: “It’s happening to people in the industry that have overdosed on pills…everybody makes it like it’s a joke…when it’s happening and it’s cool y’all act like it’s alright.”

Check out the interview below. Commentary starts on the 36:00 mark.

Remy Ma on the Glamorization of Drugs in Music: “I Don’t Think That’s Cool”
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