‘BabaHero’ Box by Thomas Cohen: Twin ‘Super Dad’ Helps First-Time Dads Transition to Fatherhood

Thomas G. Cohen and his wife Kimberly were thrilled to find out that they were going to have twice the blessing – twin daughters!

A few months later, Thomas was told that he was going to be laid off from a job that he loved.

This turning point shaped their lives forever and marked the beginning of an exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Their daughters Zara and Amari were three weeks old when Thomas became a stay-at home dad — a thoughtful decision that was made between him and his wife.

After searching everywhere for products to make his transition to fatherhood easier, he realized that something was missing. That is when he began to do more research and plan for his own company, BabaHero LLC.


BabaHero by Thomas G. Cohen

BabaHero is the greatest introduction to fatherhood.

This subscription box is crafted based on a child’s age and developmental stage.

“I chose the name BabaHero because baba is one of the first utterances many babies are able to say.

Also, “baba” translates to father or dad in many languages. Hero is for the dads that are striving everyday to be active and engaging in their child’s life.” – Thomas G. Cohen, Founder and CEO of BabaHero

It contains everything that a new dad would need including baby’s first books, age-appropriate toys, teethers, pacifiers, feeding accessories, safe soaps, sanitizers, sippy cups, bottles and more!


BabaHero Box by Thomas G. Cohen

We caught up with Thomas G. Cohen, Founder and CEO of BabaHero, to discuss how he started his own business, the risks and challenges that he faced, his thoughts on the representation of fatherhood in the media and self-care.

What went into the process of developing BabaHero and preparing for its official launch?

The idea of BabaHero came about while I was a stay at home dad to my twin daughters. Before my girls were born I spent months researching baby products and compiling information about best practices, baby milestones, and parenting.

I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of information and products out there that was specifically targeted towards fathers. I knew that this was a problem, so I went about developing a business that would help solve this.

I knew that as a first-time father I would have loved to have a service that helped me transition to fatherhood. I asked myself, would I want it delivered to my home?

Once I knew this was something that I would use myself I researched to see if a service like this existed already. It did not, so I prepared to launch BabaHero.


BabaHero Founder & CEO Thomas G. Cohen’s Twin Daughters

Were there any risks that you had to take and/or challenges that you faced during the development process?

There were a few risks I faced during the development process. Financially, how much should I invest to have a successful launch? How do I estimate how much product to buy? Will any of the brands I reach out to want to work with me?

I have to say that the major brands have been really easy to work with. I have successfully pitched my business idea to major brands such as The Honest Company, National Geographic, and Happy Socks to name few.

Did you learn anything new about running a business while working on BabaHero?

You gain a certain level of invaluable real world experience from running your own business. I am still learning how to market and acquire new customers.

I’ve learned how much work it truly takes to get your business off the ground. I also learned how to keep moving forward during the down months.


BabaHero by Thomas G. Cohen

When you became a first-time dad, aside from not being able to find products, did anything else surprise you about fatherhood?

Yes, I was surprised that it felt so natural for me. I quickly accepted my new role and I love being a dad!

What are your thoughts on the representation of fatherhood in the media?

The representation of positive fatherhood in the media is lacking. I feel that there is always more negative than positive.

I also see that when there is something positive in media regarding fatherhood it is regarding something very basic.

For example, there are viral videos of dads doing their child’s hair or simply giving a hug to their crying child. These are just tasks that fathers all over the world do every day.

I feel that the media should dig deeper into the role of a father and really focus on the importance of fathers being active and engaged in their child’s life.


BabaHero Founder and CEO Thomas G. Cohen with his daughter.

Are there any self-care habits that you’ve instilled to handle juggling family and entrepreneurship?

There are few things I do to help. I start each day with self-reflection.

I wake up and mentally go over what I would like to accomplish for the day. That really helps me plan ahead and not get overwhelmed. I also love to get out and take walks in the city.

What is the most rewarding part of running BabaHero?

The most rewarding part of running BabaHero is being able to help make a difference in the lives of new families.

BabaHero Box is helping dads everywhere embrace fatherhood and bond with their children.

For more information and to get your very own BabaHero Box, visit babahero.com

Facebook and Twitter @BabaHeroBox (social media)

@itssuperdad (Thomas G. Cohen)

Follow his twin daughters and their adventures on YouTube

‘BabaHero’ Box by Thomas Cohen: Twin ‘Super Dad’ Helps First-Time Dads Transition to Fatherhood
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