5 Things That Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Fenty Beauty’s Success

If you believe that you have a game-changing idea but lack the confidence to make it a reality, here’s your wake-up call.

Rihanna debuted Fenty Beauty at the start of New York Fashion Week and it has already achieved worldwide success. The line, which includes 40 foundation shades, has earned positive reviews from beginners, professional make-up artists and everyone in between.

When Krystal Robertson tried the foundation and primer, she took to social media to express her excitement. “Loving the feel of the foundation so far” she wrote. “I’m albino…I have no pigment so [it’s] hard to get a good match.

Actress Gabourey Sidibe also shared a review on social media and wrote, “In case you’re wondering about Fenty Beauty on dark skin, [it’s a] yes for me.”

From a business standpoint, it’s obvious why Fenty Beauty is winning. There’s no secret.

Here’s five things that entrepreneurs everywhere can learn from its success.

1) A great business idea solves a problem.

“There are so many different shades and undertones” Rihanna told reporters. “You just never know,so you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like ‘It only looks cute on her.’”

Rihanna created a solution for people facing difficulties finding skin tone matching products.

Once you identify a problem to solve, you’ll be able to create a plan.

2.) There’s power in passion

Have you ever worked on something that you weren’t passionate about?

Passion will fuel your success. It will motivate you to research and do everything that you can to get it all right before you launch the final product.

3.) Take Your Time

Fenty Beauty was in production for over two years before it hit stores. Don’t rush through the process – enjoy it!

Create a business timeline to manage your project. A business timeline can be used to communicate with contractors and other people that are helping you with the project so that they are aware of deadlines.

Having a visual representation of your milestones and important dates will keep you organized and bring you closer to completion.

4) Packaging is Important

It sets the tone for the experience that an individual will have with your brand and product. You’ve already put the time in to turn your incredible idea into something that people will love. The promotion opportunities will be endless and buyers will appreciate it.

Credit: PrettyConnected

5) Connect With Your Audience

What sets Fenty Beauty apart from other brands is Rihanna’s connection with her audience. She was very hands-on at the events, providing tips, helping people find the right shade and even wearing her own products.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty

Your intuition shouldn’t be ignored. If you can already visualize your way to success with an idea, you’re off to a great start.



5 Things That Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Fenty Beauty’s Success
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