Kickstarter: ‘Royelles’ Doll Collection Empowers Girls To Be Bold, Brilliant and Fearless

The #RoyellesRevolution is here to stay.

Múkami Kinoti Kimotho was heartbroken when her 4-year-old daughter Zara told her that she didn’t think she was ‘pretty’ like her friends.

Those feelings led to “[f]rustration and meltdowns, playdates and parties that almost fell apart because of how desperately she wanted to fit in” as noted on the official Royelles Kickstarter Page.

Concerned about her daughter’s self-esteem, Kimotho knew that it was time to address this problem.

“After speaking with hundreds of moms across the globe and realizing that this was a truly pervasive issue, not just within communities of color, but all around the globe, I decided to do something about it!” Kimotho wrote.

“I created the Royelles avatars. A truly immersive and differentiated play experience that intersects fashion, technology and inclusion to entertain, educate, ignite and empower girls.”

The avatars include Mara (warrior princess), Teti (celebrated author) and Tanni (dance artiste), each with unique stories.

“Mara is a fierce female who boldly takes charge, who leads with compassion, and protects with conviction. She inspires girls to dream big, to aim high and to be fearless in their pursuits and in every aspect of their lives” (Kickstarter).

The collection includes dolls with different heights and body types.

Each doll comes with its own intricately designed remixable outfit!

“We are all concerned about the negative consequences that result from conventional play experiences that do not reflect the originality, resilience, and empowered spirit we celebrate in the girls and women we admire.

We want our girls to KNOW, in their minds and spirits, that they are FIERCE!”

“Each Royelles avatar represents just one of a myriad of life and career possibilities available to our girls. We have carefully crafted their individual stories and life experiences to offer insights into paths in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics look like” (Kickstarter).

“That is what the #royellesrevolution is all about — inspiring girls to revel in their uniqueness, embrace their authenticity, and explore their dreams without inhibition” – Múkami Kinoti Kimotho, Royelles/Kickstarter

The Royelles Revolution encourages every girl to start creating a legacy and fearlessly tap into their everyday superhero.

Pre-order Royelles and check out the visual below:

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @RoyellesDolls

Kickstarter: ‘Royelles’ Doll Collection Empowers Girls To Be Bold, Brilliant and Fearless
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