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Anthony Hamilton Partners with Meal Prep Delivery Service ‘Chef’d’ for Southern Recipes

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Anthony Hamilton is known for his soulful voice and music but he also has skills in the kitchen!

In a new partnership with Chef’d, a meal delivery service, he will create southern recipes for meal kits that you can try at home.

This new direction may come as a surprise to some, but Anthony Hamilton cooks for his family and friends — even his crew while on the road.

“It’s interesting. I always have these ideas and I think, ‘Try something outside of what people know you for.” And when you do that, you also create a path to turn it into reality.” – Anthony Hamilton, NBC News

His debut album Southern Comfort (2007) was an example of how he merged art with southern elements.

In an interview with NBC News, he spoke about a time when he cooked for a group of 20-30 people at a house party in the New York/New Jersey area:

“There were different musicians, rappers, singers, and they bought all this food but nobody really knew how to cook” he said.

“Me and a guy named Gary just started putting everything together. I had to make the biggest pan of lasagna (laughs). I baked and fried so many pieces of chicken. I think we did alright!”

On his toughest critics:

“My brothers. They compare everything to my Mom’s cooking. I have four brothers and one sister. My brothers are my biggest critics, but my biggest supporters too”

On food being a sensual experience:

“It’s all sensual. Food is part of the foreplay. When those flavors get together, the palette gets excited….the woman gets excited. I’m excited.”

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