UK: Mom & Author Michaela Alexander Brings Diversity to Children’s Literature with “Miles & Mia A to Z” Book

When Miles and Mia asked their mother why there weren’t many books with children that looked like them, founder and author Michaela Alexander knew that it was time to create her own.

The mother of two is using her platform to bring diverse representation to children’s literature.

“All children need to find themselves in a book. Seeing characters like themselves in books and in the media will impact the level of confidence and self-worth they develop” Michaela Alexander said in an exclusive interview with BLACKAMAZING.

“It is also just as important for children to see characters of difference races, as it teaches them to see that we are all the same and to be proud of who they are” she added.

Miles is a smart football enthusiast that loves geography and being outdoors.

His partner-in-adventure is his little sister Mia — a ballet dancer that also loves to sing and draw.

Miles and Mia Photo Credit: Thomas Van Cam

Michaela said that the A to Z book has improved Mia’s confidence:

“A to Z has also answered my daughter Mia’s question about her hair. Like many young girls Mia did not like her natural afro and would often say she wants her hair to be long like Elsa (character from Disney Frozen).

For this reason A is for Afro and I am proud to say because of the book, Mia now loves her natural afro hair” – Michaela Alexander, Miles & Mia Founder, BLACKAMAZING

Miles & Mia A to Z Book, Best Children’s Book 2017, Gold Winners

The story celebrates diversity and combines blended Caribbean and British culture.

Miles and Mia suggested personal themes for the book like “[i]nclusions of ‘A’ is for afro hair to ‘Z’ is for Zephyrosaurus’ (pronounced “ze-fear-a- saw-ross”). It is inspired by their adventures of growing up in London, UK.

“I initially wanted to create a book my children loved so its been really satisfying for me to know that Miles & Mia A to Z has been so well received and enjoyed by children and parents together, not just in the UK but across the globe” (Michaela Alexander).

Miles & Mia Credit: Thomas Van Cam

The first installation of the Miles & Mia collective, released independently on the Miles and Mia label (UK), was crafted to make reading fun between children and parents.

For more information, visit milesandmia.com

(Miles & Mia A to Z is available now on their site)


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