Jay-Z Discusses Importance of Financial Freedom and Black Entrepreneurship on ‘4:44’ Album

Jay-Z dropped his 13th studio album, ‘4.44’ via Tidal on June 30th, 2017.

Throughout the album, he discusses things like generational wealth, financial freedom and black entrepreneurship.

4:44 is a call to action for black entrepreneurs to rise up.

He explains that there’s power in ownership, supporting each other and rebuilding our communities.

Check out the quotes below (credit: RapGenius):

The Story of OJ

I’mma play the corners where the hustlers be
I told him, “Please don’t die over the neighborhood
That your mama rentin’
Take your drug money and buy the neighborhood
That’s how you rinse it


Far as draft picks, my name did not get called
Bet before I go I put a billion on the board
Hall of Fame Hov, I did it all without a pen
Y’all knew that was comin’, I had to remind y’all again, huh?
Flyin’ paper planes through the projects
Now the whole project’s on my jet”

Caught Their Eyes (On late-friend and musician Prince)

Prince fought against Warner Bros. for artistic control and ownership of his masters (music).
This led him to write the word “slave” (as a warning to others and form of protest) on his face.

He also changed his name to a symbol and released music through his own label.

** FILE ** Prince, with the word “Slave” written across his face is shown performing in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza in this July 9, 1996 file photo. (AP Photo/Richard Drew/FILE)

In a 1996 interview with RollingStone he said: “People think I’m a crazy fool for writing ‘slave’ on my face.

But if I can’t do what I want to do, what am I? When you stop a man from dreaming, he becomes a slave.

That’s where I was. I don’t own Prince’s music. If you don’t own your masters, your master owns you.”

Jay-Z: “This guy had ‘Slave’ on his face
You think he wanted the masters with his masters?
You greedy bastards sold tickets to walk through his house
I’m surprised you ain’t auction off the casket”

Family Feud
Nah, we did that, Black-owned things
Hundred percent, Black-owned champagne
And we merrily merrily eatin’ off these streams
Y’all still drinkin’ Perrier-Jouët, huh
But we ain’t get through to you yet, uh
What’s better than one billionaire? Two (two)
‘Specially if they’re from the same hue as you
Y’all stop me when I stop tellin’ the truth”

Y’all ****** still signin’ deals? Still?
After all they done stole, for real?
After what they done to our Lauryn Hill? (Lauryn Hill had issues with her label over artistic control/ownership)
And y’all ****** is ‘posed to be trill?
That’s real talk when you behind on your taxes
And you pawned all your chains
And they run off with your masters
And took it to Beverly Hills”


Jay-Z speaks on generational wealth and supporting his family.

The song opens up with Blue-Ivy saying “Daddy, what’s a will?”

Take those moneys and spread ‘cross families
My sisters, Hattie and Lou, the nephews, cousins and TT
Eric, the rest to B for whatever she wants to do


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