Olympian Alysia Montaño, 5 Months Pregnant with Second Child, Runs 800m at U.S. Track & Field Nationals 

It was a sweltering day in Sacramento, California — 110 degrees to be exact — during the USA Track & Field Outdoor Championships (Hornet Stadium, June 22, 2017).

Olympic runner Alysia Montaño, 31, wore a Wonder Woman top with her baby bump proudly displayed underneath.

She’s five months pregnant with her second child and hopes that her life story will empower others.

“I wanted Wonder Woman to represent me,” Montaño said, according to Team USA. “When I found out (Gadot) filmed half the movie five months pregnant, I said, ‘I for sure am signing up for USA nationals.”

This is not her first time competing while pregnant. In 2014, she competed in the same race while 8 months pregnant with her first child, Linnéa.

(Photo: Andy Lyons, Getty Images)

Alysia Montaño at the 2014 Women’s 800m Championships | Photo: Andy Lyons, Getty Images

“The flower to me means strength with femininity,” Montaño explained on her official website. “I think that a lot of people say things like you run like a girl. That doesn’t mean you have to run soft or you have to run dainty. It means that you’re strong.”

“There is something about coming out to any venue not really expecting to win but going along with the journey and seeing what comes out of it,” said Montaño.

While others are concerned about the safety of her second child, BabyCenter noted that “women who ran regularly before getting pregnant can usually continue running at their normal pace for as long as it feels comfortable.”

The source also recommends “at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise at moderate intensity on all or most days of the week.”

Montaño added that pregnant must still be careful, especially in the heat: “The most time I’ve been outside was those 2 minutes and 20 seconds that I ran,” she said.

She is using her platform to stand up for women: “It’s still a conversation that needs to be had. I represent so many different people: women, black women, pregnant women. It’s my responsibility to make sure i’m a voice and an advocate for them.”

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