London: Lekia Lee Launches #Afrovisibility Billboard Campaign Encouraging Black Girls and Women to Embrace Their Natural Hair

Romford mother Lekia Lee is helping black women gain the confidence to rock their hair naturally, one billboard at a time.

She launched the campaign #Afrovisibility, under her very own ‘Project Embrace’, which she founded after having her daughter Siirah.

On the crowdfunding page, she says that mainstream images do not reflect the true diversity of London and she wants to change that.

She told BBC London, that she wants her to grow up knowing “that she’s okay just as she is, from her hair to her toes.” Siirah, 11, years old loves her hair. She told the source that “all of them really like it…some of them tell me to straighten it but I don’t want to.”

Project Embrace celebrate self-love and positivity. On the official Facebook page, Lee wrote:

Why do I want to promote another way of seeing beautiful hair [?] It started like this: I cannot put a finger on the date, but I soon came to a gradual realization that I was agreeing to the idea that African features were inferior.

I felt I was agreeing to all the negative associations to people of African descent or Africanness if you like- that we were 2nd class citizens of the world, of inferior intelligence and of inferior beauty. It made me feel so ashamed to endorse this thinking by disguising my hair texture.

Then I felt angry, but the anger didn’t come until I had my beautiful daughter. Here was this child so perfect and innocent. I hated to think that with time she would be made to think, that she is not all that perfect, that her hair is a problem that needs to be solved.

“I had a choice, complain or do something” she added. “I decided to promote the idea that Afro hair is beautiful too, and we should wear it with pride.”

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