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Dancing Helped Mo’Nique Achieve Weight Loss Goals: “I Refused to Give Up. Sisters Just Don’t Quit!”

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With her incredible weight loss success, Mo’Nique is inspiring others to dance their way to fitness.

Mo’Nique recently made an appearance on The Real to discuss her newest film “Almost Christmas”, which marks her return to the big screen.

She also talked about how meeting a trainer at the gym led to the start of an exciting and life-changing weight loss journey.

Mo’Nique has been sharing video clips on social media of her dancing with trainer Dwight Holt Jr., who calls himself Mr. Dance Your Pounds Off. What makes it so relatable is that she’s not in some fancy gym. She’s right at home with her shoes off and we must admit that her dancing skills are impressive.

We got a glimpse of Mo’Nique’s skills when she hosted the BET Awards in 04 and performed to “Crazy in Love” during the opening. In 2007, she danced to “Deja Vu” and even brought Beyoncé to her feet.

Dwight Holt Jr. credits Mo’Nique for her ability to pick up on routines very quickly: “The thing is everyone can relate to her…People ask how long does it take her to get it? They don’t understand that we’re in there for an hour and [in] about thirty minutes…she learns it.”

She wants to show other people that they can achieve your weight loss goals at home and have fun. In a video that she posted on Instagram, she explains that she wants to show people step by step, the choreography so that they can join in. “You could be 5 pounds of 500 pounds — anyone can dance” she said.

She has also been improving on her flexibility and posted a heartfelt moment to share the milestone: “Wow, today I am having a proud moment” she wrote. “This position right here has taken me three years to do by myself.”

“[It] didn’t happen overnight. I refused to give up. Sisters just don’t quit!” – Mo’Nique

Dancing is a great method to stay active and get fit. Working out doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Mo’Nique’s story proves that when you love the process the results will come.

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