Black Girls RUN! Encourages Over 160,000 Girls and Women to Prioritize Healthy Living

Black Women

Black Girls RUN! co-founders, Ashley Hicks-Rocha and Toni Carey are on a mission “to encourage ALL (especially African-American women) to make fitness and healthy living a priority.”

Ashley and Toni, who are sorority sisters, came up with the idea while thinking of ways to get in shape after college.

Black Girls RUN!

Ashley Hicks & Tony Carey: founders of Black Girls RUN!

“I have a family history of diabetes. My mom’s diabetic, my grandmother, my great mother…so I was like ‘i’ll give this running thing a shot’…I always tell people that i’ve been running from diabetes ever since. – Ashley Hicks-Rocha (Black Girls Run! Co-Founder), Official Site

Tony joined her and the two set out to run their way to better health. They also decided to launch a blog for the movement called Black Girls RUN! to share information with their friends and the rest of the community about running and working out.

What started as a group of two in 2009 has since then expanded to over 70 groups across the country.

BGR in Indianapolis / Credit: Black Girls Run! Facebook Page

BGR in Indianapolis / Credit: Black Girls Run! Facebook Page

According to the CDC, 56.9% percent of black women 20 years and over are obese. It also noted that 44.8% of black women have hypertension.

Their blog features resources for beginners and small business owners, including how to train for a 5K, choosing the perfect running shoes and a list of software to help you stay organized while running your business.

When you sign up for a free membership, you will gain you access to a supportive community, special promotions and embark on your own journey to better health.

For more information, visit the official site and follow them on Facebook at Black Girls RUN! and Instagram: OfficialBlackGirlsRun

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