Mom & Son’s Book Addresses Need for Diversity in Children’s Clothing

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Tasha Cook and her family found themselves running in and out of stores trying to find clothes with images that her son, Dean, and daughter, Mia, could relate to. This became a draining weekly routine that left her and her children feeling very disappointed.

In an exclusive interview with BLACKAMAZING, she said:

“It literally hit me close to 9 years ago while pregnant with Dean that it would be extremely difficult to find wearable items for children of color in mainstream stores. When Mia came along it became a weekly routine of ours to travel each Tuesday to different clothing stores in hopes of locating one or two items with images of little brown girls on them.”

Dean became accustomed to the routine and would help his mom search through every shelf until one day, reality set in.

Cook recalls a Tuesday disappointment that changed everything: “He looked up at me and said ‘Mommy we’re not going to find any brown girls here’ [and] I agreed.”

As they walked out of the store, they realized that it was time to raise awareness about this problem.

Cook is Co-Founder & Chief Visionary of Cocoa Mocha Kids, a social media resource page to help parents of children of color find products that represents their children. She co-wrote a picture book with her 8-year-old son Dean that will surely resonate with a lot of families.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Cocoa Mocha Kids

Credit: Photo courtesy of Cocoa Mocha Kids

Mia London’s Perfectly Perfect Pajamas is a colorful picture book about a young girl (modeled after Cook’s daughter) that is excited to go shopping for pajamas with her mother. She becomes very sad when she realized that none of the girl characters on the pajamas look like her.

Cook, co-founder and co-visionary of Cocoa Mocha Kids launched a platform in 2015 and created the first subscription box service for children of color.

On their official Facebook page, she noted that 100% of the net proceeds every month will send Cocoa Mocha Kids throughout the United States to STEM programs in their area.

The book is fully written and Scott started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the cost of printing high quality physical copies, and supplies for the rewards as well.

Each donation will unlock awesome “pledge rewards” like the E-Book (10$ or more) and the #HeyHUEtifulPJ’sPackage ($45 or more)63529b57361f0deb72bbd1b30163b45c_original

Risks and Challenges: Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model so if Mia London’s Perfectly Perfect Pajamas doesn’t reach it’s goal at the end of 36 days, no money exchanges hands, and we will have to wait to get this wonderful book in hard cover.

For more information, visit the official Kickstarter campaign & follow Cocoa Mocha Kids on social media!

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