Zaire Downs Launches a Sneaker & Shoe Drive for His Classmates

Featured Image Credit: WHAM

As the new school year approaches, families are doing all that they can to make sure that their children are prepared.

13-year-old Zaire Downs (Rochester, NY) loves to play basketball and wear stylish sneakers. He understands that not every kid at his school comes from a family that can afford them.

Downs told WHAM that he started a drive after seeing a school-mate getting bullied:

“It’s this boy in my school who gets bullied because he doesn’t have nice shoes” – Zaire Downs, WHAM

It was a way for him to take matters into his own hands and bring the community together: “I feel bad for some kids who can’t afford them,” he added.


According to WHAM, he collected 50 pairs of Nikes, Adidas and Jordans in a month (August). He raised over $2000 and received an out pour of messages from families thanking him.

“Some of the families told us they needed them because they were dealing with domestic violence…so we’re going to help them out” – Zaire Downs, WHAM

His mother is proud of him: “He’s so empathetic and compassionate…He’s always been the kid who’d befriend the most popular kids and least popular kid” (Tamara Leigh, WHAM).

It’s great to see kids like Zaire Downs recognizing problems and using social media as a positive tool to help others!


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