10 Ways to Stay on Point as a College Freshman (and Student)

  • Go in with a positive attitude: Before you even step on campus, tell yourself that this will be a successful year. Morning affirmations are a great way to start off your day. Come up with unique ways to overcome self-doubt and give yourself the boost that you need to stay on point!


  • Be realistic: You know what your limits are. If you’re not an early morning person, avoid choosing early morning classes. Create a schedule that compliments your sleeping pattern, basically.


  • Take advantage of add/drop dates: The schedule that you made at orientation is just something to get you started. Look up the add/drop date, which is usually on the university calendar. Go to the classes, see what the professors have to say and if you know that it’s not something you’re interested in taking, at least not right now, then choose another. There are usually certain requirements for every class and you should always look up which ones you have to take to get that degree.


  • The Syllabus is important!: This document will have all of the important dates, including upcoming quizzes, exams and reports. Highlight this info! Put it on your calendar. Set up alerts on your phone! Be aware.


  • Don’t waste money on textbooks (if you don’t have to): There are other options besides shelling out hundreds of dollars for a book that you wont pick up again after the class is over. is a great website for renting and they ship quickly and you can send it back for free. Link up someone that has the book Research if it is available at the school library or online (do this quickly).


  • Keep up with the readings:When you add up all of the pages that you have to read for each class, weekly, the numbers might overwhelm you. Determine the key points and make notes. You’ll find that instead of trying to memorize hundreds of pages, this method will keep you more engaged and alert. You don’t want to be the person in class that doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s stressful. When you keep up with readings, you can go to class with confidence.  When the exams come around, you’ll be more prepared and it’ll just be a matter of looking over your notes rather than trying to cram loads of information.


  • Go to club meetings: It’ll be a great time network and see what the social scene is all about. It also gives you an opportunity to show your face so that people will recognize you. Club meetings usually have free food and as a college freshman this is everything.


  • Take it easy: You don’t have to swamp yourself with extracurricular activities, jobs etc. Go to your classes and turn in your best work. First semester is the time for you to adjust to college life and figure out what works for you.


  • Utilize campus resources: You’ve already paid a lot of money to attend — why not make use of the resources that are included in your tuition? This may include tutoring, writing workshops and more.


  • Be yourself because you are enough and you don’t have to make up some persona to fit in.

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