M&F Bank in Durham, NC Gets 1.25 Million in New Accounts Opened

Due to situations caused by police brutality, communities are rising up and realizing that in a society where we are treated like we don’t matter, it’s important to support each other. As a result, a movement called #bankblack has been created and the purpose of it is to put money into black-owned banks. This hashtag has taken over the internet and motivated people to move their money. Multiple banks have seen an outstanding turnout since the movement began.


According to an IG user associated with the establishment, M&F Bank in Durham, NC, the 2nd oldest black owned bank in the U.S. has had 1.25 million in new accounts opened. It has also been noted by the source that M&F Bank and Own The Vision Foundation along with community organizers hosted a #BankBlackCharlotte event to attract new customers. They’re aiming to deposit another one million dollars into M&F Bank and from the looks of what has already been accomplished in such a short span of time, it is surely possible.


That’s not the only bank benefiting from #bankblack!

Credit: jcarterology (IG)

Credit: jcarterology (IG)

Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta announced on Instagram that in just five days, 8,000 people opened accounts.

Credit: Citizens Trust Bank

Credit: Citizens Trust Bank

#BankBlack is a great way to put your money into businesses that appreciate you.




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