Isaiah Cooper is the Youngest Black Pilot to Fly Across the Continental U.S.

(via NBC Los Angeles) Isaiah Cooper was greeted by supporters when he landed home in Compton airport on Monday July 18, 2016. In this historical moment, he became the youngest black pilot to fly across the continental U.S. His cross-country flight lasted for two weeks and during the trip, he was accompanied by his flight instructor.

A very proud mother presented a “Pilot of the Year” award to her son as his family cheered in the background.

He faced a lot of obstacles along the way and was close to giving up. In Wyoming, he had to make a hard landing and his original plane was severely damaged. His flight instructor said that he handled it like a true pro:

“He was able to execute the emergency procedures flawlessly, got it on the road, landed, didn’t damage the houses, the schools, the construction crew, nothing. I mean, he got out of that thing safely,” – Robin Petgrave (Flight Instructor), NBC Los Angeles

As he stepped off of the plane, he thanked his flight instructor, for not letting him quit.

The journey doesn’t stop here. Cooper wants to break another record as the youngest black pilot to complete a solo-flight around the world and he will be 18 years old at the time.

According to Guinness World Records, Matthew Guthmiller, was 19 when he became the “youngest person to fly solo around the world…completing the circumnavigation in El Cajon, California, USA.”

This Compton native has big plans for the future and wants young people to know that they can achieve their goals:

“There’s a higher power that’s always there trying to have you focused so whatever you want to do, you can do it. Just put your mind to it” – Isaiah Cooper, NBC Los Angeles


Featured Image Credit: NBC Los Angeles

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