Wendy Ida, a 65-Year-Old Fitness Expert/Author, Is Helping Women 40 & Up Take Back Their Lives

Wendy Ida’s story proves that it’s never too late to “take back” your life. “I thought after age 40, it’s over and you just accept what’s coming to you,” shared Wendy. “I thought after that age, you can’t really change–Boy, was I wrong!”

As reported on her official site, she is a Guinness World Record Holder : “(1) Oldest Active Instructor in multiple disciplines and (2) for the most “Burpees” (a calisthenics exercise) 37 in one minute (female).”

She is also a Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Fitness Expert (just to name a few). Ida, a domestic violence survivor was in a toxic relationship for 13 years and openly talks about how overcoming helplessness led her to helping others.


Wendy Ida's First NPC Competition in San Diego 2009

Wendy Ida’s First NPC Competition in San Diego 2009  Credit: Wendy Ida (Youtube)

“I had no life and I didn’t know who I was, or who I was supposed to be. I believed that I was worthless and no one else would want me. Finally, I wanted to take back my life. From that moment on, I began to plan my escape.” – Wendy Ida, Youtube

During her speaking engagements, she explicitly details her experiences to show people that it is possible to make it through any situation and be triumphant. One day, the decision to pack her things, grab her kids and drive off was the start of a new and exciting journey.



Her book “Take Back Your Life: Wendy Ida’s No Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness & Looking Good Naked” is specifically created for women 40 and up. “That’s where I started and that’s where I see it all going downhill” she says in a promotional video titled “TODAY is the DAY: Take Back Your Life!” on Youtube.

She wants women to feel good about themselves and says that sexual health is something that women 40 and above shouldn’t be afraid to discuss. “We don’t have to put it aside. It’s a thing that our mom never talked about. Menopause and all of that coming into play” she added.

“I want women 40 and above to be able to handle the setbacks in life. Whether it’s divorce…relocation…promotion…disease…the death of parent. How do I know that – because I got sick when my sister died and I almost died after that just from the stress of not taking care of myself. – Wendy Ida, Official Youtube Channel

In her home, she keeps a wall of fame that displays a collection of masks in remembrance of her sister:

“I dedicated the book to my sister…She didn’t always listen to her little sis…I was trying to help her in changing her weight and eating the best things that would make her healthy…I saw her getting better…but it was too late. I couldn’t help her but I can help others” – Wendy Ida, Youtube

Her book has what she calls the OWN Principle: Outlook Workout and Nutrition. She starts her day off with two glasses of water. Fruit, Greek yogurt and multi-vitamins are some of her “secrets” to a healthy lifestyle. Her Youtube channel consists of warm-up and workout exercises. Wendy Ida shapes her career around the empowerment of women and motivating them take back their lives.

Be sure to visit her Official website and Instagram @WendyIdaFitness– Her book “Take Back Your Life” is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble

Wendy Ida, a 65-Year-Old Fitness Expert/Author, Is Helping Women 40 & Up Take Back Their Lives
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