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100-Year-Old Ida Keeling Makes History for Setting a World Record in 100-Meter Dash

New York native Ida Keeling is a woman who sets goals for herself and achieves them. Most importantly, she doesn’t back down from a challenge — she crushes it.

According to, there’s a misconception, among many, about aging — that “[m]ental and physical deterioration are inevitable in old age.” This gives the impression that it’s pointless to care for your body as you get older. There are things that you can do to retain muscle, keep your mind sharp and stay active.

“You see so many older people just sitting around — well, that’s not me. Time marches on, but I keep going.” – Ida Keeling, New York Times

Black Women

As reported by New York Times, her diet consists of “fresh grains and produce, along with limited portions of meat. Desserts are rarities, and a tablespoon of cod-liver oil supplements” with her breakfast. 

She exercises an hour a day, avoids food with preservatives and despite her strict regimen, even treats herself from time to time. Keeling is coached by her daughter Shelley, who is amazed by her mother’s strength, who told the OWN Network: “I am always concerned. The fragility of her body does not escape me, so i’m always watching.” 

In early May 2016, she stunned the crowd at Penn Relays in Philadelphia with her 1-minute, 17.33-second 100-meter dash, just a few weeks before turning 101.

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Credit: PhillyVoice

In a statement made by NBC Sports, “Keeling set a world record for fastest 100m by a woman 100 years and older. There is no data on USA Track and Field and masters athletics websites for a previous record holder.”

This is not the only record that she has under her belt — In 2013, she was featured on The OWN Network for breaking a track record at 97 for the 100-meter dash and again at 99. ABC News reported that she set a world record, running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds at 95 and began her running career when she was 67.

Keeling’s achievements prove that you can take charge of your health no matter how old you are. As I finish up this post, i’m inspired and motivated to make use of the running track outside of my home. If she can do it, so can I — and so can you!

Featured Image Credit: NBC Sports

100-Year-Old Ida Keeling Makes History for Setting a World Record in 100-Meter Dash
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