Lamar Letts Created Hylux Water, ‘The Healthiest and Most Practical Sports Drink on the Market’

Lamar Letts, a student at Northeasten University and founder of Hylux Water was an accomplished track athlete with multiple awards under his belt.

The fast lifestyle took a toll on his body when an unexpected heart injury made him leave the track. After being on bed rest for months and having a full recovery, his doctor approved him for physical activity. He knew that it was time to make his health a priority but the options on campus had more calories and sugar than he desired.

“I started to dilute traditional sports drinks with water but it became very tedious. This motivated me to create a solution for people who wanted the benefits of a sports drink, without all the extra stuff.” – Lamar Letts, Founder of Hylux Water, Kickstarter Campaign


A pivotal moment in his life led him to making Hylux Water, a low calorie and low sugar drink. It is flexible and delicious, with a consistent amount of vitamins and electrolytes across all flavors.

It stands out from its competitors, with its colorful packaging and features. According to Letts, it has “30% less sugar and calories than Gatorade, 3x more vitamins and electrolytes than Vitamin Water, B complex vitamins, more potassium than a banana and meet[s] Whole Food standards.”

Why do we need a drink like Hylux Water? Fit Day reports that “[a]dequate fluid intake before, during, and after exercise is important for health and optimal performance…For intense endurance exercise lasting more than 90 minutes or when you are exercising in an extreme environment (heat, cold, or high altitude), the goal is to drink to stay hydrated and to provide carbohydrate so that blood glucose levels are maintained.” 


Letts has worked with a food scientist and U.S. manufacturer to perfect the beverage formula and was able to bring Hylux to his college campus and local Boston establishments. 

Using Kickstarter to raise money so that the product can be available to everyone, he has surpassed his goal of $10,000 with $11, 502 and 255 backers, who understand the necessity of this drink.

To prepare for his official debut, he has done extensive work by opening buyer accounts with suppliers, forming agreements with contract manufacturers and communicating with a fulfillment specialist to ensure that the products reach their destination as quickly as possible. Hylux Water is designed to fit any lifestyle and will soon reach a store near you!

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Lamar Letts Created Hylux Water, ‘The Healthiest and Most Practical Sports Drink on the Market’
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