LUXYLOADED & Poet Activist Tayllor Johnson Encourage Black Sisterhood with #StillNotYourEnemy Brunch

Feature written by Quan P. (Founder of BLACKAMAZING)

LuxyLoaded (under the direction of Amanda Moore-Karim and Prelo White) have teamed up with Poet Activist Tayllor Johnson to host a one-of-a-kind event focused on black sisterhood.

On June 11th, 2017 at 12 pm, a diverse crowd of women will gather in the backyard of the quirky consignment shop, The Meat Market, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

#StillNotYourEnemy: The Brunch Experiment will serve as a safe, encouraging space “for women of color from various walks of life to come together and continue the conversation on encouraging synergy among the black female race.”

The event will also be guided by the poem created by Tayllor Johnson, “I’m Not Your Enemy.”

Alley Olivier, Founder and Editor in Chief of Brooklyn Buttah

Bianca Jeanty, Co-Founder of Minorities in Media (MIM) Connect

Datrianna Meeks, Senior Product Designer of Spotify, SVA Grad (MFA in Interaction Design)

Nakea Tyson, Brand Marketing and Project Manager at USA Today, blogger of NakeaTyson.com and host of Confidently Her network.

We caught up with Amanda Moore-Karim, Prelo White and Tayllor Johnson to discuss what inspired the #StillNotYourEnemyBrunch, the representation of black women and what sisterhood means to them.

1) What inspired the #StillNotYourEnemy movement?

Amanda Moore-Karim: #StillNotYourEnemy stems from Tayllor Johnson’s sisterhood movement, #ImNotYourEnemy.

The idea behind #ImNotYourEnemy is to enrich and build relationships among our Black sisters; creating a sense of synergy and love opposed to hostility and animosity.

Too often, women of color encounter unpleasant experiences with other women of color who are complete strangers. There’s an underlying, unexplainable place of judgement, comparison, and competition. This movement was aimed to surface these issues to the masses; taking accountability by beginning the conversation.

The #StillNotYourEnemy: Brunch Experiment is the first of many ways the three organizers of this event want to continue the conversation on what Tayllor Johnson has confidently shine light upon. It is an experiment where up to 40 women will come together to share their experiences and engage in an intimate conversation on the state of the Black female race and the ways how we can continue to enrich it.

Prelo White: I remember Amanda showing me the original project, #ImNotYourEnemy a while back. She explained where the concept came from and told me all about Tayllor and I fell in love. It was such a beautiful and, quite frankly, much needed message for black women.

When we were building the LUXYLOADED calendar, Amanda thought it was a good idea to continue the conversation with #StillNotYourEnemy. I thought that was brilliant! The conversation should be continued and won’t end here, I’m sure.

2) How did you (Amanda Moore-Karim), Prelo White and Tayllor Johnson come together?

I came across Tayllor Johnson at an art showcase circa January 2016. I noticed she was selling teeshirts that read, “I have a dream, that one day, women of color can pass by each other and not see Imaginary Enemies.” with a hashtag on the back that read ‘#ImNotYourEnemy.’

As a visual director in photography aimed to address racial politics and showcase minorities, I teamed up with her the following month to create a visual project of her vision. It gained a lot of attention and features of the project can be found on Blavity as well as Panasonic Australia.

Prelo White and I met in June 2016 and started dating soon after – we’re both creative creatures who are passionate about enriching our community so we decided to build the brand, LUXYLOADED. The brand specializes in workshops and large events catering to the art community as well as intimate events focused on community engagement.

Our past events include a live art competition hosted in February and a fashion workshop conducted at The High School of Fashion Industries this month! This brunch is our third event and we’re excited to have teamed up with Tayllor Johnson to bring the conversation back to fruition.

3) What went into the process of planning for #StillNotYourEnemy: The Brunch Experiment and preparing for the official launch?

We wanted to create an enjoyable yet insightful experience for our attendees. With that in mind, we decided on a panel discussion being the primary focus for the event so the preliminary stages were mostly focused on the execution of the panel.

Together we discussed what topics we would like to address in questions to the featured panelists, who we feel would be a great fit as a featured panelist, the structure on how attendees will receive the opportunity to engage, and implementing an engaging social media conversation via Twitter for women who don’t receive the opportunity to attend or if an attendee’s comment or question goes unheard/unanswered.

Once all the details for the panel were solidified, we began discussing perks such as venue options, food and drinks provided, gifts for the guests, marketing strategy and potential sponsors; and how these perks will be delegated and executed. It was rather simple because we all work well together.

With that and all of our experiences in our collective fields, we were able to make sure we were able to put together a great event.

4) Were there any risks that you had to take and/or challenges that you faced during the planning process?

Our biggest fears were confirming ticket sales and participating sponsors in such a small timeframe. Promoting an event is the most time consuming and difficult challenge for any situation! So we’re constantly coming up with different strategies and ideas to get our fellow sisters excited about attending an event such as this. Although LUXYLOADED is a young brand, we do aim to grow exponentially over time.

With that said, we know it’s rather difficult for us to get the word out using costly marketing tactics so we had to really brainstorm on unconventional yet effective strategies and we did! We ended up reaching a group of women who felt like us. They feel like this event was needed and imperative to the community.

5) What are your thoughts on the representation of black women activists and trailblazers in the media?

Black women activists, from what we see so often from mainstream media, are often dismissed which makes them unheard to the masses. BUT they have women like us who live the issues they actively fight against – we understand them and we hear them.

The most loving thing about the Black Woman is her authenticity, boldness and relentless will – even in our most bashful moments, it’s hard to silence us.

6) What does sisterhood mean to you?

Tayllor L. Johnson: Sisterhood is a verb. It is something that Black women/women of color DO to uplift themselves and their fellow. It is forgiving, powerful, unifying, complex; a revolutionary action.

Amanda Moore-Karim: An intimate, familial bond with my fellow Black woman; an act of nurturing, love, support and kindness.

Prelo White: Coming to terms with the fact that no one will relate to black women better than black women.

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LUXYLOADED on social media @luxyloaded & luxyloaded.com

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Tayllor Johnson on social media @tayllorjpoetry and her website tayllorjohnson.com

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