Georgia Teacher David Yancey Turns Popular Songs Into History Lessons [Video]

David Yancey, 31, is a teacher at Edwards Middle School (Conyers, Georgia) that turns popular songs into history lessons.

According to NBC News, Yancey, who has been teaching at the school for eight years, realized that his students were having a hard time retaining information.

He asked his students what they were listening to and decided to remix chart-topping songs with historical information.

He has uploaded clips on YouTube of him rapping over beats to Migos ‘Bad and Bougie’, Drake’s Hotline Bling and more.

The lyrics are projected on a screen so that students can sing along.

Yancey told the source that doing educational rap sessions has a positive effect on students:

“I have found doing raps as a culminating activity has had an immediate impact on engagement. Students who will already be successful enjoy the expressions as much as those students who use it to connect the dots (David Yancey/NBC News).”

“When I hear that students I taught three years ago are still singing them or that they are helping them in US History at the high school then I am fully satisfied as a teacher” he added.

Check out the clip below:


David Yancey’s YouTube

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