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Chance The Rapper’s Birthday Party Raises Over $100K For Chicago Youth

chance the rapper

Chance The Rapper spent his 24th birthday raising money to help Chicago youth.

The special event was held at Chicago’s Studio Paris — featuring appearances by T-Pain, Ludacris and even Sesame Street’s Big Bird.

“Chance The Birthday” sold out and raised over $100,000 for his non-profit organization, SocialWorks.

SocialWorks, launched in 2016, aims to provide interactive safe spaces for youth in Chicago and “empower [them] through the arts, education and civic engagement.

In March 2017, Chance met with Governor Bruce Rauner to discuss funding for Chicago Public Schools.

He was disappointed with how things went and said that the governor gave him a lot of “vague answers.”

As noted by Chicago Tribune, when Rauner vetoed legislation of a $215 million CPS funding bill.

As a result, they were left with a huge budget gap to cover, which could lead to layoffs for thousands of teachers and employees.

The underfunding and financial strain could impact tthe children as well. The district announced the possibility of cutting summer schools and shortening the school year by three weeks to save 96 million.

Chance, a former CPS student has been using his platform to raise awareness about this problem.

He donated over $1 million to CPS and stated in a press conference, “Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positioning.”

Later that month, he announced the Chance Arts & Literature Fund for schools that are in the “greatest need for arts.”


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