Ibn Ali Miller: Man Who Stopped Street Fight and Made Teenage Boys Shake Hands Honored in Atlantic City

Man Stops Street Fight -- Atlantic City

A video that quickly went viral (March 2016) showed two teenage boys fighting in the street while a crowd surrounded them, laughing and filming.

The situation took a positive turn when a man, now identified as Ibn Ali Miller, 26, intervened and dropped words of wisdom.

He stepped in between the two boys and called everyone with their phones out ‘real cowards.’

Miller looked around at the group of teenagers and said “y’all aint kids no more…start acting like it.”

He even recognized some of the boys in the crowd and told one of them: “I know where you’re from. Humble beginnings — your mom and dad worked hard to get where they’re at.”

He proceeded to tell the two teenagers that he wasn’t going to leave until they shook hands.

Miller was honored by the Atlantic City council (March 22nd, 2016) as reported by

In a tearful speech, he dedicated the honorable moment to his mother, Sabrina Walters, 47, who guided him the right direction:

“People get 15 minutes of fame a lot, and I would like to use every second of the 15 minutes to send gratitude to my mother.”

“My mother stuck by me,” he said as she wiped the tears from his face. “My mother aided me. My mother supported me.”

The two teens were also present at the ceremony and thanked Miller in brief remarks.

Miller said the “whole situation deeply saddens me” because people found the video “unbelievable.”

“This should be very believable. This should be a norm and it should be regular” he added.

What could have been a viral fighting video turned into a positive moment viewed and shared by millions. It served as a wake up call not only to youth, but people of all ages.

Check out the video below:

**Warning: The following video contains explicit language.**


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