Beyoncé Makes Surprise FaceTime Call to Ebony Banks, a Houston High School Senior Fighting Rare Stage Four Cancer

Ebony Banks, a Houston high school senior battling a rare stage four cancer, received the biggest surprise ever.

According to KHOU, she has spent the majority of her senior year at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

One of her biggest wishes was to graduate from high school early.

In early March 2017, students, teachers and family gathered to celebrate Banks’ graduation and acceptance to college.

Ebony’s classmates at Alief Hastings High School launched a social media campaign to make her other wish a reality — meeting Beyoncé.

The campaign caught the attention of people all over the country, including fellow fans and those truly moved by Banks’ story.

Wednesday afternoon (March 22, 2017), Banks’ dream came true when she received a FaceTime call from Beyoncé.

Check out the clip below:


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