Ludacris Partners With Startup Founder Edwin Benton for Slang N’ Friendz Crossword Game App

Slang N’ Friendz’ is the newest crossword game app that rewards you for using slang words like “bae” and “lit.”

Launched by entrepreneur and rapper Ludacris in a partnership with startup founder Edwin Benton, Slang N’ Friendz allows players to customize the letter tiles and background.

It also gives players the option to submit terms for the game’s dictionary along with the user’s definition and region of origin. Slang N’ Friendz has a format similar to Scrabble and Words With Friends but includes both traditional and slang words.

Ludacris told TechCrunch: “I thought it was a perfect partnership just because hip hop is a genre that is known for creating slang and some of that slang even making it into the dictionary or having double entendres or things of that nature. That’s pretty much what brought us together.”

“With Slang N’ Friendz, in my opinion, I feel like pop culture dictates what is considered as cool in this world and I think bringing people together and not limiting them to what everyone feels the dictionary is in terms of the english language, brings people closer together. It’s a cool element to it.” – Ludacris

Ludacris has taken on multiple business ventures, including a partnership with Roadie (2015), an ATL based delivery service that helps people find drivers to send their packages.

In November 2016, he launched Chicken + Beer at Hartsfield-Jacksion Atlanta International Airport.

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