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Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Named Sexiest Couple on Earth by GQ, Discuss Balancing Work and Family Life

2016 was a year of celebration for The Shumperts — R&B singer Teyana Taylor and NBA Star Iman Shumpert. From the birth of their daughter Iman (aka Junie), to the Cavaliers winning the NBA championship, this stylish couple has proven that its possible to balance careers and family life.

They were recently named the ‘Sexiest Couple on Earth’ by GQ and in the exclusive interview, they discussed how they keep the sparks flying.

On staying in the same city:

Iman Shumpert: She usually tries to line her schedule up with mine so that she’s home in Cleveland when I’m home. And then she’ll line up her events and things she needs to knock out for when I’m gone on road trips. And then we just make up the difference at home.

Teyana Taylor: [This is] like our first time being away from each other for this long, and it’s because I was working on an album, but if I wasn’t working on an album, I would probably fly to every city. So far it’s been two days, and it feels like two months.

Credit: Ellen von Unwerth, GQ

On how they got married:

T.T.: I mean what made that so dope is because—we’ve never shared this—but we literally got married in our room in front of our bathroom here where Junie was born, so it was very special. That was definitely a major, major highlight of the year and one of the best things of my life.


Credit: Ellen von Unwerth, GQ

On what they do at home:

T.T.: We’re busy looking for Junie. Because she’s crawling and trying to walk now, and my husband’s like, “Okay, Junie’s way too quiet. Where’s Junie?” She walked somewhere, and she’s like twelve steps up with something in her mouth that should not be in her mouth. The majority of the time, we’ll put Junie [down to] nap, and we love naps, all three of us.

Junie, man, Junie’s the best. Because she kind of just be rolling with the homies, she’s cool with the vibe. We sleep, she sleeps. We’re up, she’s up. We move around, she moves around. Except when me and Iman be lovey-dovey, then she can be cock-blockin’.

I.S.: There’s times that we’re not [completely] woke yet, but we know she’s up, so we’ll change her Pamper and she just sort of crawls around the room and does her own thing for a while until we wake up. She doesn’t do anything crazy.

Credit: Ellen von Unwerth, GQ

On having a public relationship:

T.T.: I think what other people would consider a struggle is the fact that when you are doing good, there’s always people that want to bring you down and see you fail. So they’re going to do whatever it takes to try and make that happen. But I think what has made us strong is we have put [in] a lot of years and a lot of love. So it was like, at this point, nobody can really break us apart.

We don’t have any struggle with regards to that because it’s like people’s stories aren’t good enough. It’s almost like, “Okay, you said you did this—“ literally me, him, and Junie were just at practice, [or] we were just at my soundcheck, so when does he have time to do that?

I.S.: It’s one of the feelings where you’ve got to know what’s real life and what’s not. Yeah, you post a picture or you post a video and people get a little clip of your life, but on the day to day, we’re just really regular. A lot of stuff doesn’t bother us.

No matter how much fame the “Fade” video did, or with her album or her tour selling out, us winning the championship. At the end of the day, we’re both homebodies. And we try to make sure the arguments we do have are only over the remote control.”


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Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Named Sexiest Couple on Earth by GQ, Discuss Balancing Work and Family Life
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