Queensbridge Houses in NYC Rebuilds Reputation, Celebrates Year of Peace and No Shootings

Residents at Queensbridge Houses in New York City are celebrating more than a year without a shooting.

As reported by NBC New York, Mayor de Blasio called it “a year of golden silence” for the largest housing project in the United States.

New York rap artists Mobb Deep and Nas are from Queensbridge Houses and have illustrated the gritty side in their music.

Nas’ 1994 album Illmatic, described it as a jungle where “any day could be your last.”

The mural went up this Nas mural at the corner of 40th Avenue and 21st Street in Queensbridge. Courtesy of Eli Eos

QB has certainly turned over a new leaf since the 90’s.

According to reports:

“A coalition called 696 Queensbridge is credited with keeping the peace. The community-based program is comprised of six members who are helping to secure the 96 buildings that make up the Queensbridge Houses (NBC New York).”

Debra Lee, who has lived in the complex for 37 years told the source “I don’t walk around here anymore in any fear, day or night.”

The peace anniversary is an example of what happens when people come together to create positive change.

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