Buying Back The Hood: Rapper Slim Thug’s ‘Boss Life Construction’ Builds Affordable Homes in Houston

Houston rapper Slim Thug, popularly known for his music, is inspiring others to achieve financial independence.

As noted on the official website, his business venture Boss Life Construction “is dedicated to building affordable homes without sacrificing the quality you deserve.”

Forbes reported that he began his rap career with Swishahouse in the late 1990s and then went on to form his own independent label, Boss Hogg Outlawz.

His success in music was an eye-opener to how financial stability could be achieved through entrepreneurship.

“If you alive and free, to me you’re blessed
No drama no stress only way you around me
I feel like I’m too cool to end up back in that county
Found my way out the game, now my family straight.”

– Slim Thug, King (Hogg Life, Vol 4: American King)

In an interview with Frank151, Slim Thug explained how he started Boss Life Construction:

“Councilman Davis gave us a list of options and he told us about LARA Lots. We started studying that and getting into that.

We wanted to do some affordable homes in the community and make it new. So me, my partner Rico, and my other homeboy Cory started Boss Life Construction.

We got together with a guy named JG Hollins who was already doing construction. He was a guy we grew up under, someone we really trust and look up to.”

They’re rebuilding entire blocks from the ground up:

“We teamed up with him and we decided to do our own construction company, and he (JG Hollins) has given us the whole game on how to do it. We’re doing it with him for a year to make sure we do everything right, we want to make sure our houses are quality.”

“Our real goal is to build communities within the community. We’re getting blocks together instead of it just being one house here, one house there. Right now we got about ten houses on one block.”

How he learned about financial responsibility:

“I figured it out on my own, just trying and failing. I didn’t have a financial advisor or teachers, I just wanted to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

Being on a label was uncomfortable to me because they tell you when to put something out, they basically have control over you and I don’t like being controlled by nobody. I know I have my best interest in mind. When you get to dealing with different people and putting your life in their hands, I feel like that’s dangerous.”

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