At Just 4 Years Old, Daliyah Marie Arana Has Read Over 1,000 Books, Including a Famous College-Level Speech

Four-year-old Daliyah Marie Arana from Gainesville, Georgia loves to read.

As noted by The Washington Post, while her mother was pregnant with Daliyah, she’d read books to young children everyday. When she was an infant, she’d listen to her brothers reading books out loud.

“She wanted to take over and do the reading on her own,” her mother, Haleema Arana, said in an interview with The Washington Post. “It kind of took off from there. The more words she learned, the more she wanted to read.”

At 2 years and 11 months, she read her first book.

At the age four, she has already read over 1,000 books. Her passion has caught the attention of thousands, including Carla Hayden, the 14th Librarian of Congress and first black woman to have that role.

After her mother reached out to the Library of Congress, Daliyah was invited to take a special tour. On January 07, 2017, Hayden shared photos from Daliyah’s visit to the Library of Congress.  She also named Daliyah “Librarian of the Day” and expressed that she is very impressed by her reading skills.


Carla Hayden/Library of Congress

Back at home, Daliyah spends a lot of time at her local library. Mother Haleema Arana got the idea of making reading a daily activity from the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program, which encourages parents to read 1 book a night.

Daliyah is able to read books that her 12 and 13-year-old siblings are reading in school. Her mother even gave her a speech called “The Pleasure of Books” by William L. Phelps, typically read by college students.

Haleema Arena encourages other parents and families to make reading a daily activity to boost their child’s literacy skills.

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