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Chance the Rapper Didn’t Give up Creative Freedom and Now He’s Winning as an Independent Artist

Chance the Rapper

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Chance the Rapper dropped his first mixtape 10 Day in 2012 and it’s no surprise that four years later, he’s celebrating his biggest year yet. His artistry has earned him worldwide recognition, even by The Recording Academy.

The 23-year-old Chicago native is leading the way with seven 2017 Grammy nominations including the first ever nomination for a streaming-only project.

Earlier this year, a petition was signed by Chance and over 40 thousand supporters to make free music Grammy eligible. In June, the Grammy’s announced in a press release that they were going to change the rules.

Now, you no longer have to sell it to snatch the Grammy.

Shortly after the announcement, Chance posted “the victory this morning isn’t about me, it’s about all the Soundcloud albums that may now be recognized for excellence.”

Chance the Rapper has impressively achieved all of this as an independent artist.

In his song “No Problem” he made it clear that he plans to stay independent and we’re totally with him. What could a record deal do for him that he hasn’t already done for himself, right?

Team Giphy lil wayne chance the rapper 2 chainz no problems

There are some key things that artists could learn from his success, which are:

1) Don’t be in a rush to sign off on a deal and let someone else take control of your work.

2) When people see that you’re young and talented, they’ll try to take advantage of you. It happens time and time again. They promise you money and fame — then years down the line, you’re broke with no rights to your content.

3) Social media gratification has led some people to want instant results but this desire could be detrimental to their career.

4) Work on your craft everyday and expand your knowledge on what it takes to run a business. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Chance had a party in Chicago to celebrate his Grammy nomination. In his speech he said:

“Tonight we won, because I got nominated for a Grammy..and I don’t plan on waiting until February to figure out if I won or lost. I decided tonight that because i’m surrounded by my best friends, by my family, that tonight was the winning night and I wanted to celebrate with you guys here in Chicago.”

Check out the clip below:


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