Bibs Plus: The Stylish Way to Keep Your Baby Dry

Feature written by Quan P. (Founder of BLACKAMAZING)

Bibs Plus by Sarah Faison has received rave reviews from parents for providing stylish boutique quality bibs. Faison, who came up with the idea after caring for her great-niece, was determined to create a solution that would make bibs a fashion statement.

“She had such adorable outfits that were often hidden by her bibs. I wanted her bibs to be as fashionable as her outfits.” Sarah Faison (Creator/President of Bibs Plus), BLACKAMAZING

She did not know how to sew at the time but knew that “it was going to be a real challenge.” When she received an invite to attend an Open House for a designer who was opening a sewing academy — it was a clear opportunity and the perfect time to get started:

“I joined and began weekly lessons that lasted for close to half a year. This put me on the path of getting started with my business. I began making bibs and shortly after, requests from family, friends and others started to flood in. With the assistance of several caring friends, we were able to fill requests and forge ahead with the business” (Sarah Faison/BLACKAMAZING)

What we absolutely love about Bibs Plus:

– It features a side neck closure design and a super soft inner liner designed to keep babies dry.

– They’re multi-purpose: the premium terrycloth fabric on the back of the bibs can also be used like a washcloth

– Products are primarily used with cotton fabrics — strong, durable, soft and absorbent!

– The bibs are finished with cording/piping to give a high quality boutique finish.

– No more worrying about your little one’s hair getting caught in the closure! The nickel free snaps make the process easy and worry-free.


In an exclusive interview, we caught up with Sarah Faison to discuss the behind-the-scenes experiences that went into making Bibs Plus the award-winning brand that it is today:

Were there any risks that you had to take and/or challenges that you faced while developing Bibs Plus?

Sarah Faison: Yes, challenge number one was to learn how to sew, challenge two was establishing and maintaining a great team. Embracing Social Media posed yet another challenge. Thankfully, both my husband and I had other businesses.

My previous business was handcrafting jewelry and my husband built high quality custom designed furniture. Both were dissolved to focus on the success of Bibs Plus, thus making it a family owned and operated business. Our only daughter became our first Social Media Manager.


Handcrafted Jersey Bib

Handcrafted Jersey Bib


Did you learn anything new about running your own product line/business while working on Bibs Plus?

Sarah Faison: The importance of having a passion for what you do because you meet many obstacles and having passion makes it much easier to overcome them. I have learned that leadership, flexibility, teamwork and the ability to make sound decisions are extremely important in running your own business. Also, learning how to balance the diverse roles that you have to fill.

“Stress management tools are a must; listening to your customers is key; and most importantly, being courageous enough to forge ahead!” – Sarah Faison, BLACKAMAZING

Mini Red Chevron w/Pocket

Mini Red Chevron w/Pocket

What is the most rewarding part of running Bibs Plus?

There are several rewarding parts of running Bibs Plus and it’s hard to choose just one. First, as stated before, we are doing something that we have a great passion for, next is that we simply love our little ones. They are absolutely adorable and the moms are the best. It is also rewarding having family and friends involved with our growth. Lastly, we benefit from the opportunity to interact with so many others, our social media family, our team members, vendors, and customers.

Bibs Plus was recently awarded Best in Retail from the New Jersey Black Businesses organization!



For more information/to shop, visit BibsPlus on their official website ( and on social media @BibsPlus







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