From Homelessness to the Junior Olympics: The Sheppard Sisters Are Defying Odds

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The Sheppard Sisters live with their mom in a Brooklyn homeless shelter apartment. Tai Sheppard, 11, and sisters Rainn, 10, and Brooke, 8, are on the path to becoming track stars.

As noted by the New York Post, their mother Tonia Handy, who is raising the family alone, experienced financial hardship that led to the family getting evicted from their apartment in September 2015.

She didn’t bring anything with her because she hopes that this will be a temporary situation for her family.

In January the sisters joined the Brooklyn-based Jeuness Track Club — a diverse, talented team of 20 girls from economically disadvantaged families.

They have performed exceptionally well on the team and earned spots in the Junior Olympic Games.

“This is a means to get them to college…to opening doors that maybe I can’t open for them.” – Tonia Handy (mother), New York Post

Rainn, the second oldest, earned a gold medal in the 3000 and plans to go to the Olympics.

“My track and field goals are just to keep getting emotionally and physically stronger. It’s all about what’s inside, in your mind. You have to say: You can do this, you can do this.” – Rainn Sheppard, Sports Illustrated

Tai, Rainn and Brooke Sheppard were recently named SportsKids of the Year by Sports Illustrated Kids.

The Sheppard Sisters’ inspirational story proves that your circumstance doesn’t determine your future. With hard work and determination, you can achieve your dreams and create a better life.

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