Herstory Doll Line Aims to Provide Positive Images for Black Girls

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Feature written by Quan P. (Founder of BLACKAMAZING)

Queen Cee, wife and mother of five, was disappointed when she couldn’t find dolls that reflected positive images for her daughter.

This sparked her custom doll art business under the name Queen Dollylama — using creativity and imagination to re-image dolls for her daughter and other people.

The Herstory Doll line features 18 inch play dolls with different hues of brown skin tones, hair textures and realistic facial features.

Queen Cee says that she wants kids to have the freedom to create their own stories for the dolls:

“I do not want to build a doll line that tells the consumer/potential doll owner who the doll is or what culture she is from. I want to the consumer/doll owner to be able to make those decisions of representation for themselves.” – Queen Cee, Herstory Doll Indiegogo Campaign

Her teen son Origin illustrated the designs on a computer and brought her visions to life: “I wanted her to have features that more resembled African features, a broader, rounder nose and lips that were more full” she noted on her campaign page.

People have expressed concern over Barbie’s eurocentric features and HuffPost reported that her bodily proportions are unrealistic.

Queen Cee’s doll line will appeal to girls because they were specifically designed to look like them.

Black News

Herstory has been two years in the making and required Queen Cee to research intricate details about dolls from functionality to materials and a reputable company that she trusted. Great things surely do take time and the final results are incredible.

Black News

Herstory dolls also have hair-styling abilities:

“Our dolls are wigged and not rooted into the scalp. This allows for use to create custom hairstyles for each dolls specific to our visual design” (Queen Cee, Indiegogo).

Queen Cee’s impressive creations include the Brownstone Kids and Black fantasy-like characters.

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Black News

Black News

Representation matters and kids deserve to have a platform that encourages them to use their creativity!

Black News

Photo courtesy of Queen C

You can follow the Herstory Doll team at:

INSTAGRAM – @thequeendollylama   –   @herstorydoll   –   @eklipz1

FACEBOOK – Herstory Doll  &  Queen Dollylama

TWITTER – @herstorydoll   –   @WSGT_queencee    –    @eklipz1


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