5 Ways That Having “Twitter Fingers” Could Ruin Your Brand

Do you get into Twitter fights? Do you post rants on social media?


What if I told you that this could be making you lose some serious CASH?


Drake coined the phrase “Twitter Fingers” in his song “Back to Back.” As a business owner, you represent a brand, whether you’re the face of it or not.


Here’s some ways that having “Twitter Fingers” could hurt your business and ruin your brand:


It Draws Away Prospective Partners


The U.S. Small Business Administration states that a “partnership is a single business where two or more people share ownership.” It usually involves someone that is aware of what you represent and likes the work that you produce. They want to partner with you because they trust that you will maintain your professional image and vice-versa.


Having an ongoing relationship with partners will allow you to take on multiple projects and bring in more money. When prospective partners see that you’re on social media ranting and this is type of behavior is constant, they most likely won’t want to work with you. How you represent yourself as a partner is a reflection of those that you made a deal with.




It Ruins Networking Opportunities

You never want people to remember the time that you got into internet beef more than what your brand was created to represent.


When I started my brand and business, BLACKAMAZING, there’s something that I learned very quickly: if you are online, whether you have 0 followers or over a million, when you post something on social media people will see it. Speaking of impressions




It Creates a Bad First Impression

I’ve realized this by studying the data for all of the platforms that I am on: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. Twitter is my favorite to use when observing trends because it has a detailed report of how many people saw your tweet, clicked on your page and the link if provide. A simple tweet could gain hundreds of impressions (views).


You don’t always know who is watching. It could be the people that you want to network with. How you present yourself to the world on social media determines what you will get back and ultimately, how far you will go.


Someone being exposed to your brand for the first time usually make decisions about whether or not it’s something that they’re interested in, within the first few seconds of discovering it. Make those seconds count!


It Dilutes Brand Quality
A professional image is appealing. The irresponsible use of social media could dilute the quality of your brand and interfere with your earning potential. How can you ask for the top dollar in your field if you aren’t making sure that your brand is kept at top quality? When you decide to really take your career further and possibly become the face of your brand, understand that your actions impact the success.



It Distracts People from Recognizing Your Actual Skills & Talents

Arguments and rants come and go, but how a brand is perceived is forever. Owning a business is the best way to showcase your skills and make a living doing what you love.


How many times have you seen talented people who had the potential to go far, engage in so much social media drama to the point that people don’t know them for their talent anymore? Always make your brand the top priority. Don’t let the negativity get to you. Flex your talents and channel that energy into making your brand a top competitor!


Do you have a bad case of Twitter fingers?

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