The Vet Life Is the First Reality TV Series About Black Veterinarians

Animal Planet recently launched a new reality TV series with an exciting, refreshing concept. The Vet Life focuses on the experiences of three young black veterinarians, Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne as they juggle work and family.

According to 11Alive – Atlanta, they have been friends since they were vet school students at Tuskegee University. A year ago, they opened up an animal clinic in Houston and Dr. Blue’s sister, a reality show producer of “Pawn Stars” gave them the opportunity to have their own series.

Dr. Michael Lavigne Credit: The Animal Planet

Dr. Michael Lavigne Credit: The Animal Planet

“I’ve always loved animals. I love ‘em and I want to fix ‘em”, Dr. Blue told 11Alive and according to Blac Detroit, lots of time spent on his uncle’s farm and taking care of pets in the neighborhood led to him realizing his passion. “I was born with the gift of being a vet. That was God-given” he told the source.

What can you expect from this series? Lots of energetic animals, heartfelt, family moments and even some fierce competition.

“Dr. Blue and Dr. Ross…it’s almost non-stop competition between the two of them.” Dr. Lavigne told Animal Planet.

Dr. Blue with a Chameleon

Dr. Blue with a Chameleon Credit: The Animal Planet

This show is a fresh concept because it’s the first reality series on a major network to focus on black veterinarians:

“[When] we tell them that we’re veterinarians, they’re like ‘oh man i’ve never met a black veterinarian. My wife even told me when she first met me – ‘I’ve never seen a black veterinarian.’ I said ‘well here, you got one now.’” – Dr. Ross (The Vet Life), Animal Planet

It seems that most popular reality shows are all about contrived drama but the doctors are using their platform for the greater good:

Dr. Blue and Jessica, a physical therapist, have two sons and were hesitant to do a reality TV show. “Diarra and I prayed on this experience… We just wanted to make sure we’re shedding the right light on ourselves. We’re not selling ourselves to be ignorant”, she told Blac Detroit.

“[It’s about making] sure that anybody that wants to be a veterinarian…understand that they can do it…If we can do it, anybody can do it. It just takes a lot of work, hard work” (Dr. Blue (The Vet Life), Alive11 – Atlanta).

Be sure to check out “The Vet Life” every Saturday on Animal Planet at 9 pm!


The Vet Life Is the First Reality TV Series About Black Veterinarians
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