Yona Harvey & Roxane Gay Join Marvel to Write for Black Panther Spin-Off, “Women of Wakanda”

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Marvel has been making big moves lately and their latest announcement proves that they are focused on making quality, diverse content.

At the top of July, Blavity noted that Mike Deodato Jr., co-creator and artist of The Iron Man sent out a tweet saying that Skai Jackson was the inspiration for RiRi Williams. Now for more good news, according to EW, Marvel recently hired two talented writers, Yona Harvey and Roxane Gay. They will co-write a Black Panther spin-off comic called “Women of Wakanda.”

Credit: Marvel

Credit: Marvel

Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is also making Black Panther comics, will work with Roxane Gay to give us the first issue, set to launch later on this year. As recorded by EW, “it will come out of Black Panther’s explosive “A Nation Under Our Feet” storyline, which has radically shifted the status quo in Wakanda, the high-tech African country ruled by T’Challa.”

Gay has multiple projects that she’s dealing with, including her short story collection “Difficult Women” set to be released in January and a memoir titled “Hunger” which will explore ideas of body image. She’s clearly busy and booked but she told The New York Times that “the opportunity to write black women and queer black women into the Marvel universe, there’s no saying no to that.”


EW also wrote that “Harvey’s story in the first issue of Women of Wakanda will focus on Zenzi. Coates recruited her for the project because he thought her poetry would be natural fit for the comic book format, he told the Times.”


Marvel has a lot in store for comic lovers and they’re certainly putting in the effort to shape a diverse team.


Coates told Times that having “more women writers [and] women creators in comics…is kind of an imperative.”


Be sure to look out for the first issue of Women of Wakanda, set to drop November 2016!

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