I Feel Like I’m Losing Motivation! What Happens Now?

Procrastination is when you put off a task and do everything in your power to avoid getting it done. Why? Here’s some possibilities:

You’re afraid.

You don’t have enough resources.

You don’t have a plan.

It’s not important to you.

You feel that you won’t gain anything from it.

You don’t want to do it.


Starting a brand and business definitely made me put things into perspective. I used to hate mornings, especially on Mondays. I was trapped in the continuous cycle of waiting — wanting the week to end before it even started…Why was I looking forward to two days out of a seven day week when I wasn’t utilizing them? Without even realizing it, I was neglecting days that I could have used to be productive.


I started the prep process for this brand at the top of the year. I was fed up. I was in a situation that drained me emotionally. I wanted OUT. In the midst of my unhappiness, I also felt extremely connected to the universe, which was the right time considering that I was very vulnerable. I had no guards up. I needed guidance. I was open and wanted the universe to communicate with me. I felt lost. I needed answers. Deep down inside, I knew that I wasn’t going to be in the predicament for long. How?


I felt the pull. What’s the pull? When you recognize your calling and the universe clearly communicates that it’s time to activate your passion. If you haven’t felt it yet, it probably isn’t time or you’ve been suppressing it. The idea of not knowing can be very scary — not knowing if you’d be investing so much of your time and energy into something that won’t take you anywhere. Not knowing how long it would take for things to take shape. I’ve learned that it’s not your job to know. Your job is to take action. At that point, I was open to it all and ready.


Procrastination keeps your passion from making its way into your life. I had all of these innovative concepts in my head that I wasn’t putting to use. I felt very empty and dissatisfied with life. One time, a friend of mine said to me “I hope that you find what feeds your soul” and those words did something to me. I didn’t really think of myself as someone that was empty until I heard those words. Then I started questioning what I could do to fill myself up again. I thought about the times that I felt the most alive and it was always when I was being creative. When you listen to your calling and take action, you are feeding your soul.


Now, I look forward to the mornings. They’re still a hassle but it excites me that I could get so much done and still have hours left over to either relax or prep for the next day. I produce content that makes me feel good and then I share it with other people. Through running my own business, I am able to re-familiarize myself with creativity. Remembering the spark that is ignited when I get an idea, similar to what I felt as a little kid with a big imagination. Re-mastering the ability to tune out all distractions and focus. Running a business gives adults the opportunity to get back in touch with their imagination. There’s no idea too big or small if you really commit to it.


What motivates me is knowing that when I put in the work, I will see the results and I have, sometimes more that what I expected. If you ever feel like you’re losing motivation, it’s important to take care of yourself first. This could possibly mean working against procrastination and doing something to energize yourself. Take a walk, do some cleaning. Just get up. This will give you a chance to clear your mind. When you clear your mind, you will be able to make a small plan for how you will get that task done. Don’t exhaust yourself. Take small steps. Take it easy. Take care of yourself and remember that small steps are still progress.

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